Collaborate effectively to strengthen relationships

Early adopters of disruptive technologies are seeing successful outcomes with clients and markets. It helps companies to become nimbler, transform themselves and their customers’ experiences. We, at PSITE, transform the way small, medium and large enterprises conduct business with their customers, vendors, and employees in this digital age. Our disruptive technology solutions and services help, collaborate more effectively and strengthen customer relationships, thereby increasing revenue and competitive advantage.


  • Inability to capitalize on potential efficiencies, cost-savings, or new marketing opportunities
  • The absence of business agility processes that provide customer responsiveness
  • Lack of competitive advantage
  • Restricted business and product innovation

Our Offerings


IoT for PSITE means smarter product, intelligent insights and new business outcomes. PSITE harnesses the value and power of data and cloud to provide clients with the competitive advantage, innovative solutions, and operational efficiency.


  • Remote track, command, control, and route (TCC&R) millions of heterogeneous, interconnected devices with unique IDs interacting with machines/objects, infrastructure, and the physical environment.
  • Leverage collected data by end nodes (smart devices with sensing and connectivity capability) and data mining for trends and behaviors that can generate useful marketing information to create additional commerce.
  • Advanced rules-based technology to:
    • Train and establish autonomous coordination of a set of inter-communicating IoT devices.
    • Develop smart micro controllers which when downloaded into programmable IoT devices, enables real-time learning, interaction, and self-correction.


  • Detect and correct situations in IoT systems leading to undesirable outcomes.
  • Detect potential error situations in a set of IoT devices through small-scale machine learning from simulations to identify high risk scenarios.
  • PSITE can watch a set of IoT devices “acting normally” using automated unattended learning and report a need for remediation if the system seems have to defects. Information identifying the specific variation from “normal” behavior can also be included.